About Us

Sinjoe Tech®,

based on Shenzhen sinjoe laser technology co.,limited in Shenzhen city since 2009,is always focus on industrial laser and CNC equipment and parts solution.

Various products for co2 laser ,fiber laser ,diode laser ,CNC wood router,CNC stone router,CNC metal router,etc were supplied from us to users all over the world.

Today,Sinjoe Tech® has become a symbol of new generation business model.For tiny parts we works in a online dealing way ,from business to customer(B2C).With express or air line transportation ,all you need could be sent to you within a few days.No need long time to wait.

And for resellers and distributors who want to work with us for a long time with multi purchasing cooperation,from business to business(B2B),a traditional but effective way still applied by us.

B2C+B2B,it is a great combination.New model brought fresh air on the classical and long historical machine business.
And yes,it works until now.Very good trend.Sales amount of Sinjoe tech 2014 is over 2.5 million u.s dollars.

Also we developed a third party training,maintenance,storage service with overseas local distributors.That is a part of our future plan to offer better customer feelings. 

Our business development plan,in 2015,including all products of laser and CNC. What's more,with the outstanding design and production ability,our engineers are trying to develop a new area - 3D printing. A bright future is near.Machinery is ,generally speaking,the only topic of Sinjoe Tech.

Obviously no one company can do 100% perfect on each order.Wrong things were done in the past.Anyway,we will try our best to fix it and ensure that it wouldn't happen any more.

With your support ,Sinjoe Tech will be better.

The first time you start the page,and see what we are.It is a amazing story.We're so lucky to meet you.

No matter Happiness, contentment, hope or a tiny bad feelings,all become today Sinjoe Tech.

We wish that:

Better life since you joined us!